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COLOR PRESS Professional Premium Labels wants to congratulate all participants in the Wine Award Contests and invite everybody to take the opportunity on a special offer for printing premium labels.
All participants will receive a 10% discount for order
All finalists will receive a 15% discount for order
All winners will receive a discount of:

20% for ordering labels:
– Simple one
– plus Cold Stamping
– plus varnish mat/shiny
– plus pearly varnish
– soft touch varnish
– soft touch/mat foil laminate
25% for ordering labels:
– plus Hot Stamping
– plus high built varnish
– plus embossing
30% for ordering labels:
– plus Hot Stamping and high built varnish
– plus Hot Stamping and embossing
– High built varnish and embossing
– plus Gold/Silver special Gel
All winners as a bonus will receive free project for their labels. If the project set up a series of other labels that are based on the main label, we offer a special bonus for hole series that will be established individually with the winner.
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  • Printing house for Premium labels with 22 Years of experience
  • Technology: flexo printing, digital printing, screen printing, HS / CS, embossing
  • Industries & Applications:
    • Wine / Alcohol Industries
    • Cosmetic Industries
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Beverage Industries
    • Food Industries
  • Satisfied customers all over the world
  • Our own special patents that make the product look elegant and exclusive
  • Awards: Art of Packaging, Grand Etikiet, Finat


Our Global Specialisation:

  1. Exclusive wine / alcohol  labels: decorative technologies; the print material is processed repeatedly and perfectly „dressed”  on the bottle
  2. High  premium labels  and smart labels  dedicated to the cosmetic industry: perfection, gel technology, soft touch effect, unique texture
  3. Printing  unusual  materials for prestigious production in roll technology
    • Aluminium Label
    • 3D effect Label